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Through the early, HTML years of the internet, AssemblyLanguage was the definitive English-language source for Tokyo avant-garde culture and Japanese contemporary art. Most of the art reviews were written by Monty DiPietro, who wrote a weekly contemporary art column in the Japan Times newspaper and the Asahi Shimbun/International Herald Tribune, and was the Tokyo correspondent for ARTnews magazine. Some of the original reviews remain archived on the Japan Times website, the Asahi/International Hearld Tribune reviews are not archived. On AssemblyLanguage there are Tokyo gallery and museum exhibition reviews from the mid 90s through 2002, we keep them here as many other sites link to them. The image galleries feature work by contemporary artists in Japan, again, from the mid 90s through about 2002. The News / Essay section includes commentary and stories by DiPietro and other freelance art journalists such as Satoru Nagoya and Georgina Adam. Nagoya's essays originally appeared in the Tokyo Plant, while most of Adam's pieces were first published in The Art Newspaper or The Asian Art Newspaper. And in the Poetry / Prose area are contemporary poetry and prose from Tokyo and Japan-based writers, some of it translated by Taylor Mignon, who wrote the column Poetry Mignette in the Japan Times.

All rights are reserved by the respective writers, photographers, and artists.

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