Three Poems

by Mihiro Y.

In a Forest in Early Summer

Sounds by trees are not only the rustling of leaves.

Breathing to absorb the air, sparkling to take the shower of sunlight.

New born greens sing through shining.


Flowers which are full of their blossoms and smelling sweet.

Ground where I am walking on, birds flying here and there,

All of them in a music box called a forest.

I am wrapped in music released to the wind.

Now I’m photosynthesizing.

My cells are very pleased.

Then I, a human being, become a resonating note of the music box.




My Dear Devil

I now think you were kind.

I was glad to have you not "white" who strictly directs me

but you who cured my wound through its sweet darkness and descended with me.

A taste of alcohol still attached on my tongue.

This right hand always remembers the touch of the blade trying to cut the wrist off.

You, always being hated, but I thank you.

Since I understand I can’t imitate the cold smile you showed me,

I keep to living in the sun.



Life is to be born,

Body is meant to live.

If you become stone-hearted, your temperature won’t be lowered.

When you’re completely despaired, your heart won’t stop.

Considering this body, I think my life is not only mine.

I feel, life itself has been making me alive.

We’ve got our lives…..Survive!

Breathe deeply almost all the sky, live well as strongly as our lives.


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