Midnight Jan. 17

by L. Lee

At 13:08 she cannot sleep. Get up and go to desk, turn on the lighting.
She come back to the bed with the yellow package. She pick up the white
paper. She readed twice and see the pictures.
She gazing at the window outside. It's deep dark and quiet.

The DEEP DARK covered all everything (good, devil, beauty, ugly)

with tolerance like the earth land. Only alone SHE keep the long night.

SHE stand at cold outside. She like to say HER "Come in" with me.

As like HER, she like to covered someone. Maybe he sleep with tire on
the straw matted room In Far and Distant Land, or he drink of Milk of
Now, She like to sleep with him. She like to stop him drink Shyzwake.
She like to play with him or talk to him. She like to hold him and kiss
him. She like to take care of him with her heart mind.
She thought, at last, In their destiny they met. He really need to her.
Too, she really need to him. From the now, they will be starting their
real life. Anymore they will not be wondering.
She will not be make him wondering. Anymore they will not be alone,

but together everywhere. Anymore they will not be lonely.

She thank for everything - her parents, his parents (born him),

destiny, bar, the privileged person (introduced him Motherland) YADDA
(make him alone) Long ago, as like her ancestors Mothers, she will be
live with the man. She will have only her home. She will be have her
babys. When she was young, she has been watched and learned to her
Grandmother, Mother, how to served for their husband and how to work in
their home. Soon, she will be do this. She worry about she can play this
work well. But she will do her best.

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