four moments of consumption – by monty dipietro

clara’s finally taken to wrestling with them in the brown dirt down the shady side of the barn the red flannel shirt rides up her lean white back, she looks like elli mae from the beverly hillbillies she laughs as she pins the boys one after another, they say uncle in the brown dirt, leathery smells waft off sweaty limbs everyone is laughing wannanuther beer damn right i do huh huh huh oops ow clara sucker punched me and my ear is ringing like a schoolbell hey why ain’t we in school shit what time is it shit ears just buzzing now afternoon heat buzzing clara makes us forget everything they snort and open their beer bottles with their eye sockets then ahhh snorting some more clara done shook ‘em and a spray of sticky beer foam in the country air frames her impish grin – she consumes them in that moment

tony’s finally taken to giving it back to them with his pathetic poster child pout and needles of insulin ridiculous hairdo shades sad eyes bored more than needy poor guy they think as they fall to their knees he’ll be dead soon his eyes are glazed he’s falling over are you ok tony daijobu the answer is dazed he’s drawling to her i didn’t eat i need some juice she goes to his kitchen there’s a guitar with four strings leaning against the refrigerator door when she moves it the neck knocks a pile of dishes in the sink over they had been balanced perfectly the night before now they fall a man from uncle coffee mug that had been tony’s favorite cracks she doesn’t notice she wonders about tony he had behaved perfectly the night before orange juice she carries the carton to him when she enters the room his cherubic body is soft and white and glowing – he consumes her in that moment

denise’s finally taken to selling it to them with the smack tracks stuck on her arms she’s still got her looks though she’s still got her figure the busy men figure let’s get the business taken care of first she smiles what do you do ken you’re an accountant aren’t you no i’m an actor oh sorry anyway that’s alright she takes the cash why don’t you take your clothes off and lie down there i’ll be right back listen for ichi man extra i can get my girlfriend to join us would you like to watch her lick my pussy i don’t have another ichi man i’m an actor oh anyway hurry up and get your clothes off he does he waits he lies on a low bed the tv has a porno video playing her cat is watching him it must be hard denise not to go on like this now she returns he looks at her standing over him in her black leather bra and panties she’s chewing gum and drinking white wine from a j-league glass – she consumes him in that moment

faith’s finally taken to fucking me up the ass i couldn’t resist you vulnerable son of a bitch she screams in a voice made of tin and glass she laughs like a chainsaw what are you a fuckin’ christian a protestant a fuckin’ milquetoast terminal believer she rams me harder i’m really learning the hard way i joke shut up with your fuckin’ jokes are you a fuckin’ canadian you must be your type deserve to be u n peacekeepers nobody would waste a bullet on you she rams me harder look out the fuckin’ window she howls and pierces my eyelids with her jagged nails hollow light pours in do you want to know my name she is laughing maniacally now do you want to know my name do you do you well i’m not going to tell you how do you like that you little piece of shit she disappears suddenly but the hollow light remains – it consumes me in that moment

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