by David 2 Divizio

On 3/5/99 at 10:31 AM JST in 309 bytes
Divizio wrote:

                joyous fufou Ryan
                mfou fafau Stefan
                joyous Ryan mfoch

When you see this *tabulature* you must know that 
everything East of the tilda (*~*) was generated by 
my writing everything West of the *~* left handed 
and backwards on a personal digital assistant (pda).  
Then each of the words East of the *~* was generated 
by teh pda from my tracing repeatedly from left to write 
over the mirror readable figure West of the *~*...... this case, the cursion of  *ylgu*.

                                                        David 2 Divizio


David 2 Divizio, 43, is a Canadian-born artist working with language. He lives just outside Tokyo.
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